Vitality Detox

  • Restore Gut Health

  • Liver Flush

  • Restore Skin Glow

  • Prevent Disease

  • Clear Gut Parasites

  • Clear Heavy Metals

  • Kidney Flush

  • Restore Energy

  • Optimal Aging

  • Anti-Candida Programs

  • Clear Toxins

  • Improve Vitality

  • Optimise Health

  • Relieve Symptoms

  • Anti-Inflammatory Programs

The Allergy Naturopath Vitality Detox program is designed by health experts as a short-term health cleansing program.

In this program you will Learn how to remove toxins from your body, reduce inflammation, restore optimal function to your tissues and organs and prevent disease.  Your practitioner will adapt the program to suit your individual health concerns and goals.


Not all detox programs are suitable for everyone. A detox program has to be carefully designed to meet the health needs of each person and their level of health.

Before starting your program, you must advise your practitioner if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking medications, have a kidney or liver disorder, issues with blood sugar, heart disease or any other health issues.

Do not detox while you are sick or constipated – consult your practitioner to address this issue prior to detox.

When done safely with qualified supervision, a detox can be an exceptionally rewarding health experience.

Program Designer:

The Allergy Naturopath Vitality Detox Program is designed by Naturopath Rachael Reed. Rachael is a leading Naturopath with 15 years experience as a clinician. Rachael brings her extensive knowledge base and draws from her success in clinical practice to deliver her specialised health programs.


Vitality Detox is a Naturopathic program which focuses on optimising health. This is not an extreme program involving fasting and severe food restrictions. This is a 4-week program where you will be eating foods and taking supplements to cleanse the body and restore health. The program is designed to enhance the elimination of TOXINS from your body.



The program focuses reducing substances that may increase the toxin load on the body including sugar, processed foods, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and non-essential drugs. This restriction enables the body to get to the back log of toxins it has in line for removal.


The program includes tips for reducing inflammation in your body. When we reduce inflammation we not only feel better, it allows our organs especially the organs involved in detoxification such as the liver and bowel to work more effectively.


The program includes tips for blood sugar regulation.  May of us (even those with healthy diets) are stuck in a sugar cycle. We are eating too many carbs too frequently and it is making our bodies flat and tired. Improving sugar regulation will improve your energy significantly.


Our program also follows anti-candida principles. For many of us, our diet and lifestyles have led to an overgrowth of fungus in our guts. This is a very common occurrence and leads to a variety of symptoms including brain fog, fatigue, gut issues, skin issues and allergies. Our program will help rid fungus from your body.

  1. Nutrition/Herbs/Supplements

Our program is designed to ensure you receive the nutrients required for optimal health and we use herbs and supplements to support the body and stimulate the removal of toxins.

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