the naturopathic consult

Naturopathic Medicine

A naturopath will use dietary and lifestyle advice to assist in your healing program. Naturopaths work to address the underlying cause of your symptoms. A Naturopath recognises that the body functions as a whole and that what happens in one area will impact another area.

Naturopath Rachael Reed has fourteen years experience as a clinical naturopath. She specialises in Allergy and Hormones. Rachael works closedly with Dr Maura McGill at the Brickworks medical centre in Southport. She is an expert in designing dietary programs and supplement pland to address your symptoms.


Rachael Reed Naturopath

Rachael is a university ualified Naturopath with 14 years clinic experience. Rachael is a researcher and educator and is a wealth of knowledge in the field of allergy and sensitivity. 

The Naturopathic Treatment Program

You will receive dietary and lifestyle advice to address the underlying causes of your symptoms.

The Naturopathic Dispensary

You will also receive recommendations for herbal medicines and nutritional supplements to reduce your symptoms and adress the cause of your symptoms. 


For Symptoms of Menopause, PMS and Fertility Issues.

Theses are phone consultation offered through the Brickworks Medical Clinic.

Initial Hormone Phone Consult with Rachael Reed 60mins $180

This session includes detailed pathology testing and naturopathic treatment advice.

CLINIC BOOKINGS: 07 5646 5636


Learn how you can use dietary and changes and supplement recommendations to improve your symptoms.

Currently Naturopathic Only Consultations are being via phone or zoom.

60 min Naturopathic Phone Consult

Book your 60min initial Naturopathic Consultation $135

30 min Naturopathic Phone Consult

Book your 30min (Mini) Initial Naturopathic Consultation $80



We offer a complimentary phone consultation to assist you in determining which service is right for you.

This is an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have and learn more about about our services.  

What symptoms can a Naturopath help you with?



Weight Loss

Digestive Issues

Allergy Symptoms

Hormone Symptoms

Chronic Pain


Stress & Anxiety

Behavioural Issues

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