Live Blood Microscopy

We view your blood under a microscope as part of your naturopathic consultation. You can view your blood on a live monitor during your consultation. 

Live Blood Special

Cheap Naturopathic consult with Live Blood available Sunday’s only at Just Healthy in Robina Town Centre. 

Live Blood Microscopy with Naturopathic Consultation

Live Blood Microscopy


We take a drop of your blood and examine it under the microscope.

Your are able to view your blood on the screen in your session.

Live blood is done as part of your Naturopathic Consult. 

Your receive:

A Naturopathic Treatment Plan

Dietary Advice

Herbal Medicine & Supplement Advice


The Live Blood Special


The Live Blood Special gives you an opportunity to receive expert Naturopathic at a reduced rate.

Your initial session is 60mins and costs $120 and your follow up 30min session is only $60.

This Special is only available on Sundays at Just Healthy in Robina Town Centre.


Pre-Pay and Save


This special price is strictly pre-paid only. To hold your booking you must make payment at the time of booking.

Follow the payment links for online payment or pay in person at the store.

Bookings without payment are automatically removed from the system.


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