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Are you tired of feeling sluggish and tired????

Naturopath Rachael Reed is offering you a unique opportunity to received the benefits of a Naturopathic Consult with Live Blood at a fraction of the cost…….

  • Receive a Health Report

  • Receive dietary advice

  • Receive a Naturopathic Prescription

  • For only $59.99 when you pre-pay 

Would you like to improve your energy and vitality????


Would you like to prevent disease and avoid the use of harmful medications????


Discover the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine Today

Stress Reduction

Improve Energy

Healthy Aging

Improve Vitality

Reduce Symptoms

Drug Free

Support the Body

Prevent Disease

Pain Relief

Allergy Relief

Naturopath Hormone Therapy

Natural Therapy for stress and Anxiety

Fix digestive issues

Fix skin issues

Improve sleep



You can choose a General Health Consult or a Detox Consult

Important Booking Information

In order to receive the discount rate of $59.99 you must pre-pay. Those who have not pre-paid can pay on the day. The pay on the day rate is $107 please see below for payment details.

Please call the Brickworks Clinic to book and Pay on p. 07 5646 5636


Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine

Would you like to improve your energy?

Would you like to learn how to decrease your need for medications?

Would you like to address the causes of your symptoms?

Would  you like to optimise your health and prevent disease in the future?

Symptoms Natural Medicine Can Improve


Learn simple and effective techniques to transform your energy.

Weight Loss

Learn the weight loss program that will work best for your body type and health issues. 

Digestive Issues

Learn how to get rid of bloating, reflux, constipation and diarrhoea for good. 

Allergies and Sensitivities

Tired of living with sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion and skin rashes? Rachael offers advanced allergy therapies to address these symtoms. 

Stress and Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope? Rachael can help you. 

Hormone Issues

Rachael is a highy experienced in working with a wide range of hormone issues including thyroid issues, period pain, PMS, menopause and fertility. 

MTHFR and Pyrrole Disorder

Rachael specialises in helping you understand and treat these common genetic disorders.  

Chronic Pain

Rachael uses an advanced combination of Bioresonance Therapy, with dietary and nutritional advice to help relieve chronic pain. 

Autoimmune Disorders

Rachael specialises in reducing inflammation and can help you with a range of autoimmune conditions. 

Your Practitioner:


Rachael Reed is a exceptional naturopath with over ten years clinial experience. She works extensively with both hormone and allergy patients. Rachael is an author, researcher and trainer and offers a wealth of practical knowledge and support.

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“Rachael is a brilliant naturopath, it is a pleasure to work alongside her. At Brickworks we take great care to ensure our patients receive the best of what medicine and natural medicine can offer. “

Dr Maura McGill Hormone Specialist

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