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Tired of living with allergies?

We offer an advanced combination of natural allergy therapies to address allergy and sensitivity symptoms.
  • Specialised Natural Allergy Therapies

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guides

  • Detailed Health Assessments

MAAST Natural Allergy Retraining

We offer Multidisciplinary Allergy and Sensitivity Therapy.

Bioresonance Therapy

We offer Bicom Bioresonance Therapy.

The Allergy Crisis

Allergy and sensitivity is a growing health issue in western cultures. More and more we are seeing people becoming reactive to their environments and the foods they are eating. A wide range of symptoms are associated with allergy and sensitivity. These symptoms can start at any age and can exacerbate at any age.  Today we commonly see people who have developed allergy symptoms with no previous history of allergy. 

Rachael Reed – The Allergy Naturopath

Rachael is a univeristy qualified Naturopath who works extensively with allergies and sensitivities. Rachael has 14 years of clinical experience. As a sufferer of allergy and sensitivity herself,  Rachael has first-hand knowledge in how to work with a sensitive patient.

MAAST Natural Allergy Retraining

Bioresonance Therapy

Live Blood Microscopy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Symptoms Do You Treat?

Gut Issues: Bloating, cramping, stomach pain, indigestion, reflux, stomach gurgling, flatulence, constipation and diarrhoea. 

Respiratory issues: Sinus congestion, itchy eyes, sneezing, running nose, itchy mouth, itchy nose, post nasal drip and breathing issues.

Skin issues: Skin rash, dry skin, red skin, itchy skin, generalised redness, raised red bumps and fungal skin issues. 

Nervous System Issues: Headaches, fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and brain fog. 

Hormone Symptoms: Issues with periods, thyroid and menopausal symptoms. 

Do you treat anaphylaxis?

Although we can help you reduce the overall inflammation in your body, we do not do allergy retraining on substances known to cause life-threatening reactions. 

We refer you to a medical specialist for the management of anaphylaxis. 

Do you treat babies?

Treatments can be done at any age. Our therapies are non-invasive and are commonly performed on babies. There are no needles or other painful procedures used.  We help babies with colic and skin issues. We also offer naturopathic treatment advice to prevent allergy as your baby grows.

Do you treat in pregnancy?

We offer preconception care and naturopathic care in pregnancy. We do not advise Allergy Retraining or Bioresonance Therapy in the first trimester of pregnancy.

You are able to continue you allergy work after your first trimester.

How Many Treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the number and severity of your symptoms and the underlying factors causing the symptoms. People will generally average six treatments for symptom relief.

You will be given a guide to your treatment program on your first visit. 

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